First or last

Let’s try something to get us writing and commenting. Create a poem, story, song, photo no rules, no limits just use the following phrase in the first or last sentence of your work…

the click of the latch

Think on it and share what you come up with.


One thought on “First or last

  1. She sat in a chilly room made so by her refusal to turn the thermostat above 60 degrees. She would warm herself with whiskey. Whiskey and a hot rage. As she wrapped herself around a steaming mug of coffee and liquor, the tick of the clock reminded her that he grew later with every moment. Wondering what delayed him, she vacillated between fear and hurt.

    Her trust had him overcoming obstacles. Perhaps he was delayed by a power outage on the train or an empty tank of gas. Even now he could be racing towards her. She was going to show him her appreciation. Or–here her insecurity had him resorting to villainy–He could be strolling away from her, casually going to meet others. Was he out there laughing, eyes crinkling, sparkling giving no thought to her at all? She was going to give him an earful.

    A familiar sound hit her ears, turned her head. All thoughts–fearful, hopeful, or otherwise–evaporated when she heard the click of the latch.

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