Close the curtains tight

Close the curtains tight.
Turn the radio down low.
Prevent entry of all light.
Let no glimmer show.

The smallest beam sets smoldering doubts ablaze.

These fears grow with water and sun.
So, banish Helios to the shade,
and forbid the gathering tears to run.
Keep this fertile ground clear of the spade.

The smallest seed sprouts into a thick thorny maze.

These miseries seek a secure spot.
So, frame your fortress with weak wood,
and let the roof shingles rot.
Stop fear from building as the mason would.

The smallest brick builds a wall impossible to raze.

Drop the sorrow you’ve carried all these years.
Seek light to burn fogging doubt from your mind,
and let rain run off with all your fears.
Leave your ramshackle fortress behind.

The smallest step finds a trail with the power to amaze.



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