Danger there

Lips paralyzed in fear.
These charming desires, once exposed,
might be open—
not to scorn,
not to mockery,
not to cruelty.
No, terror comes with the thought that
riotous attraction will be
met with polite disregard.

Cool eyes, calm composure
cut deeper than sharp refusal.
With rejection comes rage—
a hurt so tangible
you can cling to it.
But a gentle let down—like a poison—
slips into your veins,
sinks into your heart, and
slithers into your mind.
When you try to grasp it, it disperses.
Spreading doubt, doubt, and more doubt
in all you felt,
in all you thought,
in all you wanted and want still.

Danger there in nice.
For it breeds hope—
a hope that promises and punishes.
And makes it impossible
to identify an enemy to overcome.

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