Red rocks in Sedona, AZ

View from Bell Rock in Sedona, AZ


Empty pails

The coolness of
flip phrases
meets blood boiling
hot enough to
brew more trouble.

Hoping words can
absolve you of deeds,
that caresses can
render forgiveness.
Charm in place of
frank apology.

Instead, slanted grin
ridicules my rage,
like unruly flames
taunt empty pails
with hissing steam.


For Three Word Wednesday (http://www.threewordwednesday.com/): absolve, hiss, ridicule

Extinguished flame

A quick flick of fingers
tampers the candle.
The ghoulish smoke of
the extinguished flame
glows against the dark.
Taking a swaying path
like a wily serpent—
refusing to be engulfed
by the gaping night
making slow work
of an imminent end.


For Three Word Wednesday: engulf, imminent, tamper