Aloof, in the wings
Wait for energy
To burst forth
Thus conserving
What you’d not
Aback again
While you watch
The scurry


Call Upon

Call upon the enemy known
To pollute the still well.
So that poisons stir
With every sharpened jibe.
No opponent has breached the walls
Nor vaulted hard defenses
Vast swatches of damage done
By internal mechanisms.

Swearing to cease

As my lips swear to cease
My hands immediately reach
Once more pulling close
What I wish to shove off.

So with what is unwanted,
So very much unwanted
and counter to all purpose promised
I forget the arguments rehearsed.

Again taking in the venom
that has become an addiction
too potent not to be a pleasure
I am comforted as I am destroyed.


Eyes ringed with last night’s awake,
blink numbly in brilliant light.
No revelations came with day break.
So, greet the morn with no delight.

Turn and turn it over again
’till can’t tell right side up from down.
How many days must I spend
wondering for what am I bound?

Head ached from thoughts tossed
by idle threats and bluster.
Grown weary of the logic lost
amid the maze of much clutter.

Spin and spin ’round some more
’till everything is a blur.
What makes steady steps sure
when head and feet can’t concure?



When rituals fail

When rituals fail
to exorcise demons
and feckless thoughts
run rampant over faith,
shinning invention
self-doubt darkens.
And brightest candle
won’t illuminate
the murky corridors
that twist their way toward
straight and narrow vision.

Amid the shadows
belief becomes crisis.
Wavering convictions
send tremors that shake
fragile expressions
from quivering fingers.
To count them worthy,
profanes the scared.
Yet, moved by compulsion
to make rhythm out of riot
and clear a cluttered head,
these imperfect prayers
are offered up to
any god there be.


For Three Word Wednesday (
fragile, rampant, tremor

Extinguished flame

A quick flick of fingers
tampers the candle.
The ghoulish smoke of
the extinguished flame
glows against the dark.
Taking a swaying path
like a wily serpent—
refusing to be engulfed
by the gaping night
making slow work
of an imminent end.


For Three Word Wednesday: engulf, imminent, tamper