Fleet-footed heart

Quick distance from throat to shoes.
A wayward heart wanders.
Spikes and peters with every
indication, positive or negative,
of yours in return for mine.

These valleys and throughs extreme, dizzy.
Yet, not jarring enough to shake
a thought~now an obsession~
from a stubborn mind.
Holding fast, it soars
in bright blue potential and
drowns in inky waves of doubt.

Hope and recrimination cycle
like moon and sun. In turn,
lighting and obscuring a path
you’re not even sure you should be on.


Just beyond

Just beyond finger tips
and a little longer than arm’s length
he who I would give all.
Yet not my courage nor my strength.

Just below my surface
and hardly held contained
the nag insecurity
compels me to refrain.

An end made before a beginning.
Halted before headway made.
No reaction followed action.
So, perhaps I am where I should have stayed.

Yet in the back of my mind
and behind my lids as I sleep,
build beautiful dreams
based on thoughts of you so sweet.


Eyes ringed with last night’s awake,
blink numbly in brilliant light.
No revelations came with day break.
So, greet the morn with no delight.

Turn and turn it over again
’till can’t tell right side up from down.
How many days must I spend
wondering for what am I bound?

Head ached from thoughts tossed
by idle threats and bluster.
Grown weary of the logic lost
amid the maze of much clutter.

Spin and spin ’round some more
’till everything is a blur.
What makes steady steps sure
when head and feet can’t concure?



When rituals fail

When rituals fail
to exorcise demons
and feckless thoughts
run rampant over faith,
shinning invention
self-doubt darkens.
And brightest candle
won’t illuminate
the murky corridors
that twist their way toward
straight and narrow vision.

Amid the shadows
belief becomes crisis.
Wavering convictions
send tremors that shake
fragile expressions
from quivering fingers.
To count them worthy,
profanes the scared.
Yet, moved by compulsion
to make rhythm out of riot
and clear a cluttered head,
these imperfect prayers
are offered up to
any god there be.


For Three Word Wednesday (http://www.threewordwednesday.com/)
fragile, rampant, tremor