With the Light Remaining

It’s known and unacknowledged
like much that exists only
between two souls alone
and like all solitude
it’s broken by externals.

Yet, test what we can complete
with the light remaining
attempting to fulfill
what cannot last until
the beams extinguish.

But hurried hands and
harried minds rush
intending to make all
appear as it should
before it falls away.

Just one moment hung
temporarily but secure
aloft of expectation
suspended from hope
simply being and ending.


Fair Weather Friend

Sun sends you spilling
over lush and lofty terrain.
Tis true fair weather sends feet flying.

When grey slips sun from sky,
come you again seeking shelter
just yesterday labeled a prison.

The change in weather changes mind,
transforms heaven to hell
makes demon of angel.

Some time when you retread ground
previously abandoned in joy
find you might a closed door.