Call Upon

Call upon the enemy known
To pollute the still well.
So that poisons stir
With every sharpened jibe.
No opponent has breached the walls
Nor vaulted hard defenses
Vast swatches of damage done
By internal mechanisms.


If I Were True

If I were true to myself,
I’d deny you nothing.
Give what could not be taken—
only offered.

If I were strong enough to speak,
I’d say what weakens my heart.
Spill all hidden within—
even from me.

If you wanted me for your own,
You’d repel all others.
Refrain from mentions of potential—
focused elsewhere.

This Reflection

You see, you see mereflection
as a smudged copy
or perhaps a future state.
Either way, I am not present.

I exist only
in the bright of your eye
or the hope of your heart.
Truth told, I am not here.

I envy this reflection
her company sought,
her words savored.
So sad, I am not her.

You see, you’ll see
the tarnish on the shine,
the polish is past.
Right now, I am not new.

Like a shooting star

Returning to the same place,
one I thought far behind,
once again the tears come.

Running faster just to keep pace,
I lose all sense of time,
when I didn’t realize it had begun.

Feeling once more the harsh biting sting,
previously healed by forgetfulness,
I reexamine all the old scars.

Regretting what opportunity didn’t bring,
the contentment promised by wistfulness,
I fall far like a shooting star.


Between the sheets

Between the sheets
I cannot hide
the ache.

All day long
I’ve put aside
a heartbreak.

In a wide bed
I climb high
to the crest,

Of a loneliness
I cannot pry
from my chest.

I come again
to the same
ugly conclusions.

In the quiet after,
I feel the pain
end all illusions.


Driving distance

Discarding bags along the way,
hearing heavy falls hit the path,
steps lighter,
eyes brighter;
I am making headway now.

Stripping layers of grim,
revealing bare new skin,
face scrubbed,
limbs rubbed;
I am shinning bright and how.

Driving distance between here and next,
watching obstacles shrink to dots,
vision clearer,
air freer;
I’m standing on the bow.

Filling my veins with a new drug,
breaking stale addictions,
mind refined,
role defined;
I’m going on the prowl.



Within view of the one who uplifts
heart palpates
feet migrate
crossing emmense landscapes swift.

Without dread shrinking narrow the passage laid bare
head revolves
soul evolves
opening wide the shuttered rooms of my care.

Under the influence of your magnetism
certainty grows
assurance flows
overpowering attempts at criticism.

Above insidious ill-intended mummbles
minds unite
eyes alight
building love where defensive walls crumble.