As they climb

Crushed, not as they fall,Image
but as they climb.
Higher the wall, heavier the heart.

Protection, yes, but weapon too.
For as it shields, it smothers
extinguishing fear and flame.

Still and safe inside
cuts sharper, deeper
than stepping into the conflagration.


No Need for Changing Your Ways

Come on and say it.
Goodbye is there in your touch.
Farewell is in your eyes
Won’t really take too much.
If you say it out loud, won’t come as a surprise.
I’ve known
for some time

Go on and do it.
One foot’s already out the door.
Take to the road calling your name,
Lost all you’ve come here for.
You won’t have my heart, but you will take the blame.
I’ve carried it
long enough

Stay just as you are.
No need for changing your ways.
Keep life orderly and neat.
Things they remain just as you say,
Simple and sweet and so incomplete.
I’ve learned
don’t need them

With stone eye and brow

With stone eye and brow
you tell me you want more.
Together we’ve become less.
What you truly wish to express
is a desire to restore
what we’ve never held somehow.

What more to give than all?
What less to withhold than none?
With nothing left to reveal
no more tenderness to steal
it seems a decline has begun,
which no good intention can stall.

So go where you will.
See sights fresh and new
with warm watchful eyes.
And if a reflective mind tries
to pause on the one you once knew,
then know you want me still.




With no thoughts lofty enough
to break the surface tension
and no plans weighty enough
to drag the whole thing down,
We never sink nor soar.

The risk, the hurt is slight,
and so too is the reward.
But we stay safe
in a circling path.
Pretending that the coming crest
is the pinnacle of union.
Falling into the sinking trough
as if it were the depths of hell
when we never rise nor fall.

Bobbing beyond the breakers
because nothing stirs a motion-
no surging tides, no mounting waves-
Floating in duldrums constant,
we wait and we wish.


When all was still

When all was still
the night
and the mind quiet

Flat on our backs
we’d gaze up
into the celestial riot

Down our throats
we poured
liquid fire

Out our mouths
flowed all
but our true desire

Come the day
the moonlight still
lingered in our eyes

In full sun
you denied
to her our ties.


The thought in your eyes

The thought in your eyes,
that doesn’t travel across your lips,
is putting space between our hands.

The bonds that tie,
in the absence of your firm grip,
are becoming weak and tattered strands.

The hope in my heart,
which doesn’t leave its cold chamber,
is securing a secret from you.

The foot on the stair,
the one that forgot how it came there,
is turned by the conclusions you drew.


Driving distance

Discarding bags along the way,
hearing heavy falls hit the path,
steps lighter,
eyes brighter;
I am making headway now.

Stripping layers of grim,
revealing bare new skin,
face scrubbed,
limbs rubbed;
I am shinning bright and how.

Driving distance between here and next,
watching obstacles shrink to dots,
vision clearer,
air freer;
I’m standing on the bow.

Filling my veins with a new drug,
breaking stale addictions,
mind refined,
role defined;
I’m going on the prowl.