with little haste,
temporary perch
transformed into a
steadfast resting place.

after so long a pause,
weary limbs unfold.
Stiff as gargoyle wings they,
cautiously break their pose.

before wisdoms clarify,
in a darting glance
over the shoulder
fond memories blur the eye.

each and every time,
a thing never looks
so good as when
you’re leaving it behind.


On to the next

So restless no roots can stake me.
I tread so lightly, I go where the wind takes me.

Blowing over love and loss.
Breezing through where these roads cross.

On and on
On to the next.

Put these four wheels to the test.

On and on
On to the next.

Too careless to hang on for too long.
I grip so loosely, fingers aren’t too strong.

Rolling over mountains high.
Roaming with the clouds in the sky.

On and on
On to the next.
Act like I know what’s best.
On and on
On to the next.

It’s not like I’m afraid to try,
but what if I don’t succeed?
Think I’ll just keep my eyes dry,
and leave before I become what you need.

Weaving my way, not sure where it ends.
Leaving today for where the road bends.

On and on
On to the next
Not really sure when I can rest.
On and on
On to the next.



Guides filled with inns, sights, and maps
lined neatly on a shelf.

A shopping list with neatly printed city names
pined to a board of cork.

A grimy window with a bleak cement view
transformed into pictures from the magazine.

A young woman with more dreams than courage
stares intently onto imagined scenes.



Within view of the one who uplifts
heart palpates
feet migrate
crossing emmense landscapes swift.

Without dread shrinking narrow the passage laid bare
head revolves
soul evolves
opening wide the shuttered rooms of my care.

Under the influence of your magnetism
certainty grows
assurance flows
overpowering attempts at criticism.

Above insidious ill-intended mummbles
minds unite
eyes alight
building love where defensive walls crumble.