Spring Awakens

Spring awakens sun from slumberlight over bay
lifting the gauzy grey filter of light.
Now, drenched in full bright beams
forgotten are the blank listless days
that occupied the past season.

Mood rises with the sun
and still hangs high after dark
because the skin retains warmth
well into the cool clear night
removing remnants of a horrible winter.


Night fall

Scooch a little closer
on a bench already made
too small

By the looming promise
of what can happen after
night fall

And let my shaky breath
and my janky hands
draw you in

And when wrong word
extinguishes what burns


Extinguished flame

A quick flick of fingers
tampers the candle.
The ghoulish smoke of
the extinguished flame
glows against the dark.
Taking a swaying path
like a wily serpent—
refusing to be engulfed
by the gaping night
making slow work
of an imminent end.


For Three Word Wednesday: engulf, imminent, tamper

When all was still

When all was still
the night
and the mind quiet

Flat on our backs
we’d gaze up
into the celestial riot

Down our throats
we poured
liquid fire

Out our mouths
flowed all
but our true desire

Come the day
the moonlight still
lingered in our eyes

In full sun
you denied
to her our ties.