This Reflection

You see, you see mereflection
as a smudged copy
or perhaps a future state.
Either way, I am not present.

I exist only
in the bright of your eye
or the hope of your heart.
Truth told, I am not here.

I envy this reflection
her company sought,
her words savored.
So sad, I am not her.

You see, you’ll see
the tarnish on the shine,
the polish is past.
Right now, I am not new.


A New Season

A new season stirs

A New Seasonand soon stretches

To touch the awaiting tree tops
to ooze over drifting clouds
and fall flat on the fields.
A newness seeps into every niche.
Yet, to nothing yields you.

The old reasons remain
and ride rough over

The courage that causes change
that banishes a will to break norm
and shifts a stoic heart.
Surrounded by potential for all
you stall on the worn path.