Seen and Unobserved

Seen when eyes fall upon
and only then.
In solitude, absent.

If unobserved, how real?
Exists perhaps?
Or does hiding make it false?

What’s evoked for a crowd,
useless alone
when face-to-face we turn.


The Explorer

You travel under the translucent
map of my skin
depicting my weak, my strong, my wear

Seemingly unnoticed, you transverse
a weedy mind
to a thicketed heart

Your presence mingles and lingers
until my thoughts are yours
your words we

Enter as a greedy explorer
keen to label all
but leave altered
by the landscapes you’ve recorded


Stay long enough
and I’ll plaster
upon you
cookie cutter
hopes and
glossy desires.

I’ve built you
a model
of blocks derived
from wishes and words
not character
nor acts.

Thus, your eyes a blank
your mouth open
for interpretation
nothing too concrete
Nor too vague.

See, you’re here and
you’re kind—
So, don’t do a thing
I’ll paint you
in the light I want.

Just beyond

Just beyond finger tips
and a little longer than arm’s length
he who I would give all.
Yet not my courage nor my strength.

Just below my surface
and hardly held contained
the nag insecurity
compels me to refrain.

An end made before a beginning.
Halted before headway made.
No reaction followed action.
So, perhaps I am where I should have stayed.

Yet in the back of my mind
and behind my lids as I sleep,
build beautiful dreams
based on thoughts of you so sweet.

Danger there

Lips paralyzed in fear.
These charming desires, once exposed,
might be open—
not to scorn,
not to mockery,
not to cruelty.
No, terror comes with the thought that
riotous attraction will be
met with polite disregard.

Cool eyes, calm composure
cut deeper than sharp refusal.
With rejection comes rage—
a hurt so tangible
you can cling to it.
But a gentle let down—like a poison—
slips into your veins,
sinks into your heart, and
slithers into your mind.
When you try to grasp it, it disperses.
Spreading doubt, doubt, and more doubt
in all you felt,
in all you thought,
in all you wanted and want still.

Danger there in nice.
For it breeds hope—
a hope that promises and punishes.
And makes it impossible
to identify an enemy to overcome.

No Need for Changing Your Ways

Come on and say it.
Goodbye is there in your touch.
Farewell is in your eyes
Won’t really take too much.
If you say it out loud, won’t come as a surprise.
I’ve known
for some time

Go on and do it.
One foot’s already out the door.
Take to the road calling your name,
Lost all you’ve come here for.
You won’t have my heart, but you will take the blame.
I’ve carried it
long enough

Stay just as you are.
No need for changing your ways.
Keep life orderly and neat.
Things they remain just as you say,
Simple and sweet and so incomplete.
I’ve learned
don’t need them