Spring Awakens

Spring awakens sun from slumberlight over bay
lifting the gauzy grey filter of light.
Now, drenched in full bright beams
forgotten are the blank listless days
that occupied the past season.

Mood rises with the sun
and still hangs high after dark
because the skin retains warmth
well into the cool clear night
removing remnantsĀ of a horrible winter.


As they climb

Crushed, not as they fall,Image
but as they climb.
Higher the wall, heavier the heart.

Protection, yes, but weapon too.
For as it shields, it smothers
extinguishing fear and flame.

Still and safe inside
cuts sharper, deeper
than stepping into the conflagration.

Fleet-footed heart

Quick distance from throat to shoes.
A wayward heart wanders.
Spikes and peters with every
indication, positive or negative,
of yours in return for mine.

These valleys and throughs extreme, dizzy.
Yet, not jarring enough to shake
a thought~now an obsession~
from a stubborn mind.
Holding fast, it soars
in bright blue potential and
drowns in inky waves of doubt.

Hope and recrimination cycle
like moon and sun. In turn,
lighting and obscuring a path
you’re not even sure you should be on.


Wet round eyes precipitate the change
turns hardened surface porous,
open to all that may fall from above
as a blessing, a hope, glorious.

No grey to tinge new growth.
Just transformed to soil from shell
by the turbulance of slow-rolling storm.
A change longer lasting than thunderhead’s swell.

The Explorer

You travel under the translucent
map of my skin
depicting my weak, my strong, my wear

Seemingly unnoticed, you transverse
a weedy mind
to a thicketed heart

Your presence mingles and lingers
until my thoughts are yours
your words we

Enter as a greedy explorer
keen to label all
but leave altered
by the landscapes you’ve recorded