Borrowed time

Been storing it all up
for just what…
I could not say

But I’ve had my fill
of these tears that still
come with the break of each day

Now the time has come
to let the flood gates run
and wash away this decay

With a brand new face
that feeling did replace
I find the strength to go

Off the map right now
I don’t care somehow
Step with the water’s flow

Prepared to jump right in
and let what will begin
take root and grow





With no thoughts lofty enough
to break the surface tension
and no plans weighty enough
to drag the whole thing down,
We never sink nor soar.

The risk, the hurt is slight,
and so too is the reward.
But we stay safe
in a circling path.
Pretending that the coming crest
is the pinnacle of union.
Falling into the sinking trough
as if it were the depths of hell
when we never rise nor fall.

Bobbing beyond the breakers
because nothing stirs a motion-
no surging tides, no mounting waves-
Floating in duldrums constant,
we wait and we wish.